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Having regard to the 10th General Assembly Meeting of the COMSTECH held on 16th to 18th February, 2002 at Islamabad, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and in order to comply with the desires of the Muslim community for the establishment of the Inter-Islamic Network on Information Technology, for utilizing, directing and encouraging the use of Information Technologies and associated systems to promote collaboration and cooperation in building human resources and institutional capacity through encouraging dialogue, bridging the digital gap, maintaining databanks, assisting in training, research and development, dissemination of information, automating the governmental and business processes through the mediation of IT and provide appropriate means therefor;
In this Charter unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context:

CIIT means COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan
COMSTECH means Organization of Islamic Conference Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation
Executive Director means Executive Director of INIT
General Body means General Body of INIT
INIT means Inter Islamic Network on Information Technology
IT means Information Technology
MoIT means Ministry of Information Technology, Government of Pakistan
Network see INIT
OIC means Organization of Islamic Conference
President means President of INIT
Secretariat Office means Headquarters of the INIT
Year means July 1 to June 30

and Adopts the Following:

ARTICLE (1) Name

The name would be the 'Inter-Islamic Network on Information Technology'.

ARTICLE (2) Status

The Network shall be an Inter-State, Non-political and Non-profitable agency. It shall be an independent, autonomous and self-governing organization. The operations of the headquarters and any of the office(s) of the INIT will be governed under the laws applicable in each of the respective countries in which such offices are located.

ARTICLE (3) Headquarters

The headquarters of the Network shall be situated at the COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan and will be called the Secretariat Office.

ARTICLE (4) Objectives

The objectives of the INIT will be as follows:

  1. To form, maintain and promote an association of member states which will engage in the proactive learning and utilization of IT;
  2. To carry out research, development and use of electronic systems through an association of member states and associated organizations;
  3. To help develop world class IT infrastructure within its member states;
  4. To develop an extensive pool of academically and technically skilled IT manpower at all levels to meet the local and export needs;
  5. To promote extensive use of IT applications in Government, trade, industry, homes, agriculture, education, health and other sectors of economy;
  6. To promote and encourage both local and foreign investors to ensure the development of IT sector (software, hardware and service industries) in member states and the use of IT products and services;
  7. To create strong domestic and international markets through promoting linkages and reinforcing networks for IT products and services; and
  8. To facilitate dissemination of knowledge and technology flow(s) from comparatively advanced Islamic countries to the less advances ones;
ARTICLE (5) Membership
  1. The member states present at the first meeting of the General Body and those who have joined the Network prior to such date will be called the Founding Members.
  2. Other member states may join the Network upon expression of interest, communicated in writing to the Secretariat Office and upon payment of the subscription fee prescribed for the purpose.
  3. The yearly renewal of the INIT membership by the member states will be subject to receipt of prescribed subscription fee at the Secretariat Office by each year during the July-September quarter.
  4. Associate membership will be offered to select organizations, universities, research institutes, etc. from among the member states upon payment of a yearly subscription fee prescribed by the INIT. The associate members would have the status of ‘Observers’ at the General Body meetings and will have no voting rights.
ARTICLE (6) General Body
  1. The representatives of the focal institutions of the member states as well as three representatives one each from COMSTECH, MoIT and CIIT shall form the General Body of the Network.
  2. The General Body shall be headed by President. He shall ensure smooth operations of the Network.
  3. The Rector CIIT shall be the ex-officio President of INIT. The President shall chair the General Body.
  4. All powers shall vest with the General Body.
  5. Meeting of the General Body shall be convened by the President.
  6. The President must call session of the General Assembly if so requested by two third of the General Body members.
  7. Simple majority of the General Body shall form the quorum.
  8. The General Body shall meet once in two years.
ARTICLE (7) Executive Director
  1. The INIT shall be headed by an Executive Director who shall be the chief administrative, chief financial and principal accounting officer. The Executive Director shall be assisted by staff duly approved by the President.
  2. The appointing authority of the Executive Director will be the President and for all other staff, the Executive Director shall be the appointing authority.
  3. The term of office of the Executive Director will be four Gregorian calendar years.
  4. The Executive Director shall be the Secretary of the General Body.
  5. ARTICLE (8) Finances
    1. The finances for running the Network shall be the responsibility of the member states of the Network.
    2. Further funds may be sought from:
      1. The host country of the Network;
      2. Annual subscription and periodic contribution by the member states;
      3. International agencies;
      4. Private donations;
      5. Income from services; and
      6. Any other source as approved by the General Body.
    3. The operational expenses of the INIT shall be borne either from the contribution of the host Government or from the funds generated through activities of the INIT. No recourse shall be made for the same to the subscription of the member states.
    ARTICLE (9) Byelaws

    The financial, administrative and legal procedures shall be prepared by the Secretariat Office and approved by the General Body.

    ARTICLE (10) Languages
    The working language of the Network shall be the official languages of the OIC.
    ARTICLE (11) Amendments to the Charter

    Amendments to the Charter may be proposed by member states in accordance with the procedures laid down below:

    1. The Constitution of the Network may be amended by the General Body through three fourth (3/4th) majority vote of the members present and voting, provided that; at such a session of the General Body, a two-third majority of the total membership of the Network is present.
    2. At-least ninety (90) days notice of such amendments has been received by the Secretariat Office before the date of commencement of the General Body meeting.
    3. It has been communicated to all the members at least sixty (60) days before the date of commencement of the General Body meeting.
    4. The member states will be allowed to cast their votes through proxy.
    ARTICLE (12) Withdrawal of Membership
    1. Any member may withdraw from the Network by submitting a written notification to the Secretariat Office.
    2. The member state fulfilling the above provision shall be permitted to withdraw after the expiry of a period of one (1) year from the date of receipt of such notification by the Secretariat Office. However, it shall be liable to discharge all obligations of the membership until the period of such one (1) year is over.
    ARTICLE (13) Audience of the Charter

    This Decision is addressed to the member states.
    Approved at Islamabad, Pakistan on Sept. 14, 2005

    President, INIT
    For and on behalf of the INIT.