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Participation in the 43rd Annual Meeting of the IDB Board of Governors April 1-5, 2018, Tunis, Republic of Tunisia

 Tuesday, October 30, 2018

In regard to the ongoing work of INIT pertaining towards the gap analysis study for people with disabilities, communique was initiated between Mr. Tahir Naeem (Executive Director INIT), Mr. Mohamed Abida (ICT Advisor to President IDB), and Prof. Tim Unwin UNESCO Chair in ICT4D in December 2017.

The talks were successful in enticing interest from IDB in terms of invitation of INIT Delegation to the 43rd Annual Meeting of the IDB Board of Governors in Tunis, Republic of Tunisia from 1-5 April 2018 (

The visit was in part to explore further linkages at IDB regarding the newly launched $500 Million transform fund for science technology and innovation.

During the event, sidelines meetings and discussions were held between the INIT delegation and Dr. Hayat Sindi, Chief Scientific Advisor on Science, Technology and Innovation to President IDB on how to further enhance the scope of INIT’s ongoing work with People with Disabilities. Meeting was also held between Mr. Habib Dababi. Secretary of State of Digital Economy, Ministry of ICT, Republic of Tunisia and the INIT Delegation to brief them about the ongoing activities of INIT in the region and how the Network can facilitate further with their ongoing initiatives like ‘Smart Tunisia’ utilizing upon the funding available from IDB under its Technical Cooperation Program.

Furthermore, a data revalidation visit to the town of Sousse was also conducted for visiting the blind schools in Tunisia and a focus group was conducted.

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